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What is 3D Nipple & Areola Tattooing/Repigmentation?

This procedure is a highly specialized practice of tattooing that restores the natural looking color and shape of a nipple and areola complex after breast reconstruction. A 3-dimensional nipple can be created with light and shadow, to give the “illusion of protrusion”.

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Why 3D Nipple and Areola Complex Tattoo?

Clients choose it because they do not want or there are restrictions to undergo a surgical nipple reconstruction. It is also an option when a previous nipple reconstruction has flattened out.

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What is a Nipple and Areola Complex (NAC) Tattoo?

For clients who undergo surgical nipple reconstruction, only the areola is tattooed. It is created according to client preference in diameter shape and colour. Between 5–10 different colour pigments are specifically selected to achieve natural looking results. The skin heals over the pigment and a soft natural areola/nipple is created.

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